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    There is huge demand for renewable energy capacity in North America and there exists a multitude of long-term investors with mandates to invest in renewable energy assets.

    But these investors are struggling to deploy their capital:

    Roughly 70% of committed LP capital in renewable energy focused private equity funds remains uninvested, as compared to 50% in other sectors.

    Rather than add to this under-deployed pool of capital, we focus on the smaller, earlier stage projects that have the potential to be sold into this capital surplus.

    We partner with developers and provide the capital, expertise, and experience necessary to turn their ideas into reality.

    Lacuna helps solve the big problem facing the renewable energy industry

    Existing, operational renewable energy assets and those already in construction cannot hope to meet this increased demand.

    The only practical solution is to originate new assets and develop them to the point they are operational.

    US Renewables capacity forecast 2021-2030 (GW)

    But there is a problem:

    01 Although a huge, growing reservoir of capital is readily available to finance the construction and long-term ownership of renewable energy assets, this is not the case for the development capital necessary to get from here to there.

    02 The complexity associated with sourcing, pricing, and underwriting risk associated with development investments prevents most long-term owners from participating at this stage

    Lacuna is proud to be
    part of the solution

    We understand and are prepared to manage the binary and idiosyncratic risks involved in development.

    By supporting carefully selected operators with our experience, expertise, and capital we help de-risk development investments to the point where they can be sold to the “right” long-term investors.