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    Why we invest in renewables

    A number of factors including global industrialization and the day-to-day needs of a growing global population are driving a continued rise in global energy demand and consumption.

    Rising is concern regarding the environmental impact of using fossil fuels to generate this energy

    Renewable methods of energy generation, will be able to meet this increased demand with far lower environmental impact

    In the USA over a third of energy capacity is expected to be in renewables by 2030

    Investing in this sector represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to generate strong risk-adjusted returns while making a significant impact on the transition to renewable energy

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    Why should LPs consider early-stage renewable investing?

    The case for investing in renewable energy infrastructure is undeniable; what is not so obvious is at what point in the process should an investor choose to commit their capital.

    We focus our efforts earlier in the process than most other renewable energy infrastructure investors.

    This is for several reasons:

    01 Returns on invested capital are typically greater at this stage of development

    02 Investment horizons are normally in the region of only 2-4 years

    03 This is the stage in the asset creation process with greatest need for capital – it is where LPs can have the greatest impact

    Why should developers of early- stage renewables talk to us ?

    Despite lofty goals we are grounded in reality. As much as we know that the world needs renewable energy, we also know that the capital required to make it happen will continue to be supplied only if a return can be made upon it.

    Success for Lacuna means creating equity value. We provide our partners with reliable capital, and deep strategic and operational expertise, such that their early-stage renewables projects can be de-risked to the point that the “right” long-term capital, investor, or owner can become involved.

    Why you can trust us to deliver

    Lacuna was founded by successful renewable energy investors with extensive experience de-risking and developing profitable renewable energy projects:

    Creating, developing, investing in, and restructuring long-lived cash flow investments

    Raising debt, cash equity, and tax equity as part of project and structured financings

    Advising on legal, tax, and commercial aspects of energy project and structured financings